Hello NaijaTatafoBlog,
Hope you are all doing great out there?
This is a very controversial topic you must think deeply before you make your choice or conclusion.
This is a new year and everybody are hoping for God’s grace and blessing to fall upon them.
Most of we youths are not finding this Buhari Regime easy and we all want to make it by all means.
Almost everybody will love to have a greener pasture and to get it no be beans.
But what if you have this two opportunities to choose from i.e 👇
A Job Offer Of 300k Salary Per Month vs 2 Years American Visa
You know this is one of the biggest blessings you will be praying for this year, now it is left for you to choose wisely.
For me Kabir! I will Work for One Year then resign and travel over to impregnate on whitty over there 😀😀
Which One Will You Prefer?